Video Production

My production experience spans everything from script writing to post production. I offer production and concept design services for motion graphics, animation, short and feature-length live-action, post production effects and coloring, and audio recording projects. Contact me for more information.

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Email Marketing

Email can be a tricky thing to get right. Achieving cross-client compatibility is a headache and requires a unique set of web design skills. When done right, email marketing can reach customers like no other form of communication and can offer impressive conversion rates. We've successfully achieved a 600% increase in click throughs compaired to industry average while increaseing our overall clicks by over 400%. Automation and drip marketing are just some of more important pieces of a solid email marketing strategy. Email marketing is king boasting a 3800% ROI. Don't believe it? Click here to learn more.

Web Design

If you don't have a website, you're not taking advantage of one of the most important communication methods of the twenty-first century. Whether you're starting a blog, want a redesign, or an entire site from scratch, send me a message to see how I can help.

This was a fun little design project I worked on with a colleague. Our task was to add some fun animated elements to an app and bring some life to the design. By creating short one-second animations and rendering them out as individual frames, we could stack them into a sort of film-strip image sprite.

Then using CSS we're able to animate the image from start to finish using transition to get this:

Graphic Design

Do you need a logo designed? How about an email template or a flyer? If you have a graphic design project and don't have the time or man-power to get it done, click here for an affordable solution.