Why you should be focusing on your email marketing strategy

But I thought email marketing was dead.

It's no secret that email marketing is incredibly profitable. Regardless of your preconceived notions on the topic, email marketing is definitely alive and well. According to Pew Research, among online adults, 92% use email, with 62% using it on an average day. In fact, if done right, an effective email marketing strategy that nurtures clients and leads can generate up to 50% more sales. Email is far from dead. For 72% of consumers, email is the preferred source of business communication. So don't count it out just yet. A strong email marketing strategy can benefit even the smallest of businesses.

Key reasons to invest in email marketing.

Where do I begin?

Knowledge plus tools.

As you begin to plan out any marketing strategy, the first task is to clearly identify your audience. Typically with email marketing, you've already established a contact list that includes useful data to help identify your audience. This could include geographic data, purchase history, gender, age, or special interests. The goal of effective email marketing is to reach customers with information they really want.

After you've identified your audience and what it is they want, you'll need to utilize tools to initiate an effective email campaign. This could include a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) like HubSpot, an email delivery service such as MailChimp or SendGrid, and analytics software like Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of your email efforts.

Help whenever you may need it.

As a marketing professional I know what it takes to run an effective email marketing campaign. Over the years we've been able to maintain click-through rates far above industry averages while minimizing opt-out and unsubscribe rates. It's my goal to be a resource for your company and your email marketing efforts. Wheter you're looking to improve your existing email marketing KPIs or you're interested in starting a marketing strategy from scratch, contact me here to see how I can help make your efforts a success.

*450% increase in CTR(Click-Through Rate) is not guaranteed.